Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Teenage Wasteland

Sad and comical....

I was speaking with a friend this weekend regarding her teenage daughter.

Darlene said she was getting a little nervous about the boy her daughter, Cheryl, was dating. They're fifteen and have been dating "a while". This means about six months to the teenage mind.

Cheryl came along while Darlene was very young, and this had led to one of the not-quite generation gaps between parent and child. Still, Dar is a rather progressive mom who has been upfront about sex for some time.

Apparently it came up in conversation that Cheryl believes that while sex is not yet ok, oral (sex) is something she is considering.

Holy hell! Guess that means homosexuals and have never really "had sex" and that a $10 chore on The Block isn't anything for a worried spouse to ever be upset over. [ed- Going to need to have a talk with that girl]

Okay, after Dar and I stopped giggling over that misapprehension, she continued. Dar asked if Cheryl had been masturbating, to which the lovely young lass blushed bright read and shook with nerves.
She doesn't, she hasn't, that's weird.

So, putting a fifteen year old cock between your lips isn't weird, but learning how to get yourself where you need to be is? Chalk that up to the difference between boys and girls, I suppose.

I pointed out that perception probably comes most from her friends and media. While Darlene has done a hell of a job arming her little girl with useful information, giggly little girls think it's icky and have done a pretty good job of undoing the good works.
It's the most basic part of the sexual sickness in this society. Breaking down that most basic taboo against self-pleasuring is going to be the hardest part. After that, the rest should be easy.

After all, who's gonna argue when they fully understand they could be somewhere else whacking off?

Before I close with a quote, gotta give props to MidwestTeenSexShow.com for their great podcasts. These people are doing good works and could use any spare scratch you have to keep educating our youth with REAL sex education.

Oh, that Quote-
"Masturbation is safe, clean and you don't have to go home in the cold (but it's lonely)."
Robert Anson Heinlein, from Time Enough for Love

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