Friday, January 9, 2009

So much better when the stipper is crying

There are just some things that can't wait until Monday for an answer. So here's one more question answered by your gallant cavalier in a pimp suit.

i need help!

my aunt is a stripper and recently i vented to her how my college life is
sucking my bank account dry. well she went behind my back and showed her boss pics of me at the beach in a bikini and now he won't quit bugging me to come work for him.
i repeatedly told him no that i do not want to strip cuz i have way more respect for myself and that i would never stoop that low and make a disgrace of myself, however this guy won't stop calling me and harrassing me. he even tried bribing me by saying that if i come work for him at the strip club that he would take care of all my college expenses and make sure i have extra money on the side. this guy won't take no for an answer! how do i get him to get it through his head that i do not wanna strip?? i just want him to leave me alone for good. please help!!!!
Feisty Redhead

Galahad answers: Ouch. Way to denigrate your aunt and all the other sex-positive people in the world who don't think that being an exotic dancer or other part of the sex industry makes a person less-than. Next time a stripper gets raped, assaulted or murdered, remember: she's not really a person, so its not a crime.

Stop answering the phone if you don't want to work for him. Pretty damned simple.

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