Monday, February 9, 2009

Feast of Love

This was originally posted by Yours-Truly at the community forum for PolyAmoury Weekly hosted by Minx. As the thought evolved, it was sent directly to Minx for her thoughts on the idea. How awesome and humbling it is to have this become a main topic for the show.

Here's a copy of the original for your perusal and posterity:

So, every year Poly folks throughout the land wrestle with who and how to celebrate St Valentine's Day. Which of our lovers do we spend the day with, which do we send flowers, how do we figure a grand celebration for everyone involved?
And good luck finding Valentines Cards "From Us" "To My Metamours" or "To my wonderful Spouses (Spice?)"

Last year, I found an out.

Valentines Day centers around the Feast Day of a Martyred Saint in Italy from the Third Century. He became the Patron Saint of Engaged Couples, Happy Marriages, etc. The American tradition of merchandising any and all holidays led to where we are now - cards, chocolates, flowers, and celebrating romance to our immortal beloved.

This causes us problems, as poly-folk tend to not have just one.

I was doing some research on something unrelated when I came across another Martyred Saint, who's feast day happens to be the 15th of February - St Agape.
According to Catholic Encyclopedia, she was - "Martyr and follower of St. Valentine. She belonged to a group of virgins started by St. Valentine. A church in Termi was dedicated to her until the twelfth century, and she is listed in early martyrologies."

Agape, as a word, is defined as - "unselfishly loyal and benevolent concern for the good of another". It is also defined, by Merriam Websters as "a love feast" - a gathering held to promote reconciliation and good feeling or show someone affectionate honor.

The image of a "love feast" sounds spot on for us.

-end copy-

Minx loved this idea so much that she made it the central topic for this weeks show (PolyWeekly Ep 191).

Here around Che Galahad we'll be having a little love feast come Sunday.

Loving St Agape's Day to you and your lovers.

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